Personal Data (Privacy) Policy Statement (“Privacy Policy”)

Doctor Chat Inc. referred to as the “Company”; if the context requires or permits, “Company” may refer to any one of Doctor Chat Inc. pledges to meet fully with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong. In doing so, the Company will ensure compliance by its staff to the strictest standards of security and confidentiality in respect of all personal information and data submitted by users via 睇邊科 Apps,, media platforms or applications including mobile applications operated/developed by the Company (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Channels" ) and the Company will not release such information to anyone without the prior consent of the relevant user(s) of the Channels (whether registered or not) (“User(s)”) except to the authorized persons listed under paragraph 3 below.

Users are strongly recommended to read this Privacy Policy carefully to have an understanding of the Company’s policy and practices with regard to the treatment of personal information and data provided by the Users on the Channels. This Privacy Policy is applicable to both registered and non-registered Users, and the provisions herein may be updated, revised, varied and/or amended from time to time as the Company deems necessary.

If Users have questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, they should first contact the Customer Service Representative of the Company's Customer Service email to

Purpose of Collection of Personal Data

In the course of using the Channels, Users may disclose or be asked to provide personal information and/or data. In order to have the benefit of and enjoy various services offered by the Apps, it may be necessary for Users to provide the personal information and/or data. The Company’s purposes for collection of information and data on the Apps include but not limited to the following:

  • for the daily operation of the services provided to Users;
  • to identify Users who have messages, photos or such other information (collectively “Information”) on the apps;
  • to identify Users who have medical enquiries;
  • to design and provide products and services to Users in relation to the above purposes;
  • to compile and analyze aggregate statistics about the Users’ use of the Apps and service usage by the Users for the Company’s internal use; and
  • to facilitate the Company to use the Users’ personal data for purposes relating to the provision of services offered by the Company and marketing services, special events and/or promotions of the Company and/or its clients.

The Company strives to only collect personal data which is necessary and adequate but not excessive in relation to the purposes set out hereinabove.

If the Company requires the use of Users’ personal data for a purpose other than those set out hereinabove, the Company may request the Users’ prescribed consent to the same. If User is a minor, the prescribed consent should be given by his/her parent or guardian.

Data Subject has Right to request for access and correction of his data, please contact our Personal Data (Privacy) Officer at no. 25801059 or mail to address Room B, 21/F., 171-173, Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong.

Collection of Personal Data

The Company may collect personal information and/or data about a User such as his/her name, phone number, email address, country of residence that is/are not otherwise publicly available. Occasionally, the Company may also collect additional personal information and/or data from a User in connection with contests, surveys, or special offers. Only duly authorized staff of the Company will be permitted to access the Users’ personal information and data, and the Company shall not release such personal information and data to any third parties.

Disclosure or Transfer of Data

The Company agrees to take all practicable steps to keep all personal information and data of Users confidential and/or undisclosed, subject to the following.

Generally speaking, the Company will only disclose and/or transfer Users’ personal information and/or data to the Company’s personnel and staff for the purpose of providing services to Users. However, the Company may disclose and/or transfer such information and/or data to third parties under the following circumstances:

  • where the information and/or data is disclosed and/or transferred to any third party suppliers or external service providers who have been duly authorized by the Company to use such information and/or data and who will facilitate the services on the Channels, under a duty of confidentiality;
  • where the information and/or data is disclosed and/or transferred to any agents, affiliates or associates of the Company who have been duly authorized by the Company to use such information and/or data;
  • where the Company needs to protect and defend its rights and property;

where the Company considers necessary to do so in order to comply with the applicable laws and regulations, including without limitation compliance with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on the Channels; and where the Company deems necessary in order to maintain and improve the services on the Apps.

Personal data collected via the Apps may be transferred, stored and processed in any country in which the Company operate. By using the Apps, Users are deemed to have agreed to, consented to and authorized the Company to disclose and/or transfer their personal information and data under the circumstances stated above, as well as to any transfer of information (including the Information) outside of the Users’ country.

The Company would adopt SSL as the security measure to ensure secure transmission of personal data collected via the app.

Retention of Personal Data

Once the Company has obtained a User’s personal information and/or data, it will be maintained securely in the Company’s system. The Company should delete the information in 30 working days after received.

Changes in this Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to update, revise, modify or amend this Privacy Policy in the following manner at any time as the Company deems necessary and Users are strongly recommended to review this Privacy Policy frequently. If the Company decides to update, revise, modify or amend this Privacy Policy, the Company will post those changes to this webpage and/or other places the Company deems appropriate so that Users would be aware of what information the Company collects, how the Company uses it, and under what circumstances, if any, the Company discloses it.

If the Company makes material changes to this Privacy Policy, the Company will notify Users on this webpage, by email, or by means of a notice on the home page of the Company.